I have tried to keep my mouth shut, you know, prison rules.  But in the words of Brother James Brown, “Things done got too far gone.”  That and the fact I have entered what my wife calls that “old colored man stage”.  I take that means I will say “damn near anything."  That’s right… damn near.  There are things I know I will never tell.  But they are few and most of the people that were there are dead so my version rules.  That being said I have led an active life and learned a few things.



I have been in the family business twenty-five years now.  My grandmother was a county teacher, my mother and father both were teachers, my daughter and daughter-in-law are teachers, and so on.  I was never going to be a teacher but have been at it quite a while. In fact I am still doing it.  I often tell my students I could teach you more in one weekend hanging out than I can in a whole semester of classes.  So you get to hang out!!!


My mission is to cure “ignence”.  I am not speaking of ignorance, but “ignence”.  I am talking about the people who “don’t know nothing and don’t want to know nothing”.  Them are my folks.  You know the type.  Don’t burden them with the facts. 


I happened to have been there at the birth of Hip Hop in the operating room helping with the delivery of this illegitimate bastard child, with disco and R&B as its parents and jazz, gospel, reggae and soul… you name it… as its aunt and uncle, took the pop world by storm.


There is a “don’t careness” about both youth and old age and that is where we are at.  I used to tell rappers, pre Duke Bootee, “y’all better hope I don’t start rapping, cause y’all aren’t talking about shit”.  Well those that are talking now don’t know, and those of us who know… well you know… “of the people, by the people, for the people." Legitimate fortunes have been made with this rap shit.  Illegitimate fortunes have been turned legitimate with this rap shit.  I still get checks like a pension from this rap shit.  So when I speak I am this father who gets child support in reverse.  A lot of us paid dearly and didn’t live to be pensioners. 


I have never made enough from my recordings to live off but it sure helped send my son to Harvard and my daughter to Elon, and still to this day my BMI money pays for my mortgage.  I just bought me a great Vespa scooter, and it will still keep coming even when I’m dead. 


So… Yo… get funky… make money… and you don’t stop.


DB 4/4/14


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