President Trump Ain’t No Chump (Confessions of a Colored Conservative… Continued)

President Donald Trump is a con man, a liar, a pimp and a hustler… and these are just a few of his good points. It seems nearly everyone on earth was against him… women, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, the Mayor of London, and even the Pope. With a list of haters that long, he can’t be all that bad!

This election proved to be, if nothing else, at least interesting. Who will win is anybody’s guess but it will be different.

Seventeen sorry Republicans slipped up and President Trump ‘Mike Tysoned’ all of them. Beat them like Joe Louis beat the bum of the month. They were all a bunch of stiffs. ‘Fat Donnie’ KO’d them all. Just like Jim McMan of World Wrestling says, “The action might be fake, but the money is real.”

This new brand of ‘celebritics’ is what you get when you mix celebrities with politicians. The U.S. has made cash money the root of it all. Bernie Sanders, the first Jew… Hilliary, the first woman… Trump, the first whatever. But as I suggested in my thesis, Trump ain’t no chump and he has more money in his personal pocket than any candidate in the history of this country.

That name Trump means something, exactly what remains to be seen. Thank God he trounced that charlatan Ted Cruz. The sort of venom we have seen the Republicans exhibit for each other is usually left for the Democrats.

Most people have never had the opportunity to be around people who have made more in a day than you make in a year. Trump can make more in an hour than I make in a year. I don’t hold that against him (you know what the Bible says about rich folks getting into heaven though).

Whatever you say about Fat Donnie he ain’t no chump. Ask Roger Ailes over at Fox News what is it like dealing with someone who is not afraid of you. Right or wrong he ain’t scared and the only thing that controls him is cash. You know, “fuck the dumb shit” then ‘let’s make some money’ – and after all, isn’t that what the U.S. is really about?

Sometimes what is needed is not old wine and old bottles. There comes a time when you either drink the cool aid or you take it in your mouth and spit it out. The unpredictability of a loose cannon can be just what is needed to change the game. I believe this… if Reagan and Bush 2 can be president then what the hell? How much more damage can Trump do?

A guy whose techniques in business I studied believed in the ‘Red Herring’ or ‘Why the hell did he do that?’ theory. He did that just so smart thinking, plotting, scheming folks can’t truly predict your next move. America’s disproportionally predictability will surely be a part of our downfall.

Trump’s appeal must be understood to appreciate the rise of this American Huckster. It’s hard not to like a good-looking guy with a pocket full of money. Trump knew this and set out to get richer, and he did it. It helps when, because of your old man, people will take your call. But that is how America was built. Every rich kid doesn’t succeed just because their people have money, but he knows it helps.

Fat Donnie is definitely not scared of women and most of them with any sense know this fact. They only put a line of men behind him who have to take shit from their wife or woman. Men like him know women will love them or love to hate them, and in my own limited experience one can be as good as the other.

Hilliary thought her aloof refusal to engage attitude was going to get it. ‘It isn’t going to work’ , as said by Michael Dukakis, who was ‘Willie Horton’d’ by the Bushes.

The taste of sour grapes hasn’t kept Jim Dandy ‘Jim Baker’ my man from meeting with Fat Donnie. The lesson learned from stiffs like Jeb is that like most rich white folks, they are sore losers.

There is definitely a new sheriff in town. I truly had no horse in that race. If Fat Donnie had picked John Kasich I would have had to think long and hard about my vote. It didn’t matter who Billiary picked as a running mate as we all know her running mate is her mate and Bill Clinton is still one hell of a politician!

My guess is always better than most people’s and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I do know that there will be a push back against pick your own bathroom nonsense. What’s next -- pick your own gender? I have no problem using the bathroom with any and everyone beside me. I hope women are ready for the same. I am socially liberal like you know. ‘Get in where you fit in.” Isn’t it hard enough to make it through the day just being a human being? You know what I mean, but common sense must come into play at some point.

Expectation is the mother of disappointment and I was disappointed in both former President Barak Obama and Michelle Obama… but I would have voted for him again. But as we all know -- America’s true color has always been green. I don’t know, maybe it’s time to let somebody who has made ‘much loot’ run shit. I really feel he can’t… despite what all the wrong pundits say… do any worse!

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