Confessions of a Colored Conservative – Part 2: "Thank you for letting me be myself.”

Okay, let’s look at President Obama. He may not have been a conservative but from where I stand he has been a good president. Given the fact he was the first man of color to have the job and twice, I must admit with all the inherent problems that go with being the first person of color to do anything the level of his achievement rises. I will not argue this point… I am a conservative not a fool. Something else needs to be said here. I am at the point where I will no longer deal with un-serious people in a serious manner and I will not deal with crazy people like they are sane.

What winds up happening, besides wasting a great deal of time, is that you begin treating serious people like they are not serious and sane people like they are crazy. If you think for one second Donald Trump is going to be President of these United States then you are out of your mind. What is happening is the intersection of wealth, celebrity, and the media’s need for something to put in front of the camera. That doesn’t mean that I have to waste my time watching or talking about it. That is for the T.V. pimps who are paid to grab your attention. There are a few serious players such as Bush, Casick the Governor of Ohio, Lindsey Graham, and of course Mrs. Clinton who has yet to call to mind the persuasive political savvy of her husband. To me she is someone who rode her husband’s back to third base and thinks she hit a triple. Joe Biden is certainly no conservative but at least what you see is what you get. I see no true conservatives in the race. Just Democrats and Republicans, both of which supported the Wall Street “Bail Out”. Explain to me how any “bail out of any sort” is conservative… the SNL bail out, the Wall Street bail out, G.M. bail out… I thought this was capitalism… not.

I am happy health care passed though it had little to do with me. I have had health care my entire life. It may not be on my conservative agenda, but there are times when a bit of “socialism” is in order. I will be receiving my Social Security in two years and I surely believe in that. There will surely be a swinging of the pendulum back toward the middle. I think it will be the Republicans’ race to loose and so far they are doing a pretty good job.

My conservatism is born of frugality and preparation for the future, if a future is indeed to come. For instance: I am the guy who, while everyone else is eating, drinking, or smoking their shit up, I am putting some away for later. There are always surprises on the road and you never know when you may be left without some of your essential ingredients. Most likely when you run out you will come looking for me and see if I can help remedy the situation. If you have in the past been there to help my situation when I had worn thin, and yes it happens to us all even the “Brick Pig” (me), then you are good to go. If I like you and you just find yourself short I may help out seeing what you might do in the future. If when you are flush you don’t know me, well next time you are without… you will just be without.

I have also come to understand the power equation in nearly all situations. For instance when stopped by the “Po-Po” I am always legal with papers at hand and my first line is always, right or wrong, “I’m obviously wrong officer, it’s your call”. Most policeman I know, “Black” or “White”, are authoritarian in nature. When I speak like this it lets them know I have no intention of bucking their authority. This is because I understand the power equation. He has a gun and the power of the court system behind him. Even if I have a gun and it is legal, I certainly don’t want to use it. All I may have is some money for bail and a lawyer. Yet I see people who don’t understand where they are and who they are dealing with, questioning and even in a lot of cases defying the authority of the police. Even if you are right you are liable to be “Dead Right”. My goal, even at sixty-four, is to say alive and out of jail.

I have watched, case after case where people with warrants and people without paper work feel they can defy the authority of the “System”. I shouldn’t have to tell you what comes next. That is one of the reasons I will be glad when President Obama’s term is over because he is disturbing “White folks” too much. Not all of them, but you know of whom I speak. Go back and watch them as the first term election results came in; it was like watching the verdict in the O.J. case. That’s why a lot of these police act the way they do, they say to themselves, “I might not be able to get Obama but I can sure get your Black Ass, pull over”. It is often up to you what happens next.

If you have no warrants, if your paperwork is correct, if you are not riding dirty, and often times even if you are… if your paper work is in order there is a good chance you will still be alright. If you don’t defy his authority and don’t make any sudden moves things will most likely be cool. I have had “Dreds” now for more than thirty-five years and have for a long time, even though I am a law-abiding citizen, looked like somebody they love to stop. Even now at sixty-four with a hat on I still get gratuitously pulled over. This happens a great deal when I am driving my “Jag XK8 Convertible”, not as much in my Jeep so I know of what I speak.

I am here to tell you that during my sixty-four years things have improved in this country. That is not to say some things haven’t gotten worse. The family, not just the “Black family”, seems to have fallen apart. Children are being raised by a system that was not designed to be the “nipple of nourishment”. There are so many “state kids” that by the time they reach adult incarceration they are totally prepared for a grim life behind bars. If you attended any of the gladiator academies (youth detention centers) then when you arrive at the county or the state penitentiary it is like old home week. Why is the state left to raise these “kids”; little stick–up kids, little drug dealers, little burglars of no conscious. I have heard so many women tell me “I don’t need no man, I can do bad by myself”. “Yeah baby and that is just what you are doing”, is often my reply. I even had one woman ignorantly tell me, “If I am raising a murderer what business is it of yours”.

What if there was no “state” to fall back on? What if all you had was the family that told you, “He ain’t no good”, who by now are tired of your profligate ways. Who do you turn to then? Some how I feel it should be the one that got you into the mess in the first place. I have helped friends and relatives before but woe to them if they find themselves in need too many times, they will have to look elsewhere. Except for my wife, my children and grandchildren, there are limitations to my largesse. And even with them my help is not and never should be eternal. My emotional outlay may be ever lasting but my money is another case. An old person without money in this country is pathetic.

One of my mottos is “Them that don’t work don’t eat”. The socialist in me says we have got to feed young kids too young to work and old people who have worked their entire lives. To take care of these groups of individuals seems to me to be only right. If you have squandered your life on foolishness far be it from me to take up the slack. I do not believe myself to be unrealistic. I always feel there should be consequences for one’s actions. This does not just include “poor people” but the “wealthy” as well. Corporate welfare is just as maleficent as any other kind of welfare.

Oh, and about the confederate flag… If you want to wave a loosing, treasonous symbol of “White Supremacy”, because face it, that is what the “southern way of life” really stood for, a flag that inspires hate in a great deal of the population… that is up to you. I don’t believe it should by waving in front of any federal, state, county, or municipal building. If you want to fly it in front of your house, have it on your car, that is cool by me. I will ride by in my convertible and toot my horn. One of the great things about this country is that it is big enough for the both of us. Besides, as a character in “Gone With the Wind” suggested while riding by a vanquished Rebel army, “Must not know who won the war”. I know who won the war so if you must hold on to some fantasy about how shit turned out that is up to you.

What seems to always be at play in my mind is “What is the government’s role in all of this”? Of course the government must have some role in most things; I just believe it should be limited. I believe in the capitalist profit motive but since there is a “world economy” there must be some regulation. Goods travel for the most part unimpeded around the world. To protect the jobs of workers at home something must be done. The question becomes what? After all, the real role of the armed forces is to keep the world safe and orderly for business as usual;

how that business is controlled is a matter of utmost importance. When you hear that “China” steals intellectual properties it might not mean anything to you but to me I may be loosing money. I certainly can’t pursue any of those “Chinese Bandits” but somebody sure should. Business is the engine of world order, but whose business is it and who is keeping that order is always a question that needs to be asked and answered. Being a patriotic “American” I believe it should be us.

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