Missing a Beat... On the Death of Big Bank Hank

It’s up my back… It’s around my neck… Whoo ha… Got them all in check.

Hank was about 6’1’’ and weighed about 260. He was not a small man so when he punched that kid who we caught robbing us in our dressing room, Hank hit him so hard when his head hit the brick wall I thought he was a goner for sure.

Or there was the time he almost got us in a shoot out in Philly. Some of the promoter’s security pulled a gun on Hank so he pulled his. The promoter’s torpedoes pulled their pieces, 3 or 4 of them… so 5 or 6 of us pulled our shit. Sylvia began crying and calmed the scene down.

I also remember Hank giving money to the Sequence Girls after they had been robbed. Such was the life we led.

A big, fun loving, Cadillac driving play fiend. They say he stole rhymes from Grand Master Caz. I don’t care about that. He certainly was no Melle Mel but he did spit with a definite joy and verve. Hank had a zest for life. He lived bigger than the average big man. He liked eating well. If I remember correctly, he liked light-skinned women.

We rode the white lines of the road across the country back and forth more than once. Big appetite, a guy who rarely got enough of anything. Big heart, not that I needed it or wanted it, but if he liked you he would give you the sweaty shirt off his back.

Hank was the everyman of the group. Master G was the young heartthrob, Mike was more laid back old school… tall, light-skinned… good looking. Mike should have become a game show host, he had that kind of charm and a great smile.

When I saw them some twenty years later in my hometown he told me he raised his family on things we had schooled them on. Hank came from a decent family and there was nothing thuggish about him. Just a big, good time guy.

A lot of Hank stories will be told… some true, some no doubt false… he was here and now he’s gone… but he left his mark. The road can open you like a scalpel. What comes out is often not so pretty. We did all the things men do and lived to talk about it. He will be missed…


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